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lov not returning correct value after update

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by chalie003, Nov 25, 2014.

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    hi i have lov which is not returning correct data the business reule are as follow

    object can be a parent or child--if the object is the only child than it cannnot display value in parent textitem
    object can have one or more child
    a child can have two object as parent
    a developer can develop more than one object
    object can be develop by one developer

    object can have more than one child/parent

    eg. SecondObject can have thirdObject as child and firthObject as a child and mainObject as parent it depend on how it was linked

    at my screen i what to display all object via lov with with thiere parent or child and the developer who develop that object

    if the selected object does not have relationship i what to create new relationship either the parent/child of an object

    this is what i have attemp to do
    this is what i have try

    lov sql

    1. return all object with either there parent object or child object and the developer for each object,if the object is a parent and does not have parent it must still be display

    -the problem is currently am displaying one object twuce in the list one for parent object and one for child object

    2 return all object which are parent to create a relationship to the exisiting object

    3 return all object which are childrento create a relationship to the exisiting object

    am in oracle form 11gR2

    this is what am trying to do