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Looking for a COMEBACK in Oracle Apps

Discussion in 'Jobs Board' started by adk00030, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. adk00030

    adk00030 Guest

    Hi All

    I have a BTech degree in IT and MBA in Finance.

    I have 1.5 years of experience in Oracle Financials (mainly GL/AP/iExpense/iProc/Purchasing). Also, I have been a part of an upgrade project from FSAH to FAH for an Insurance major in US.

    Post that, I somehow accepted a job offer outside of Oracle Apps which wasn't something that I should have !! Now, I have realized that I need to go back to Oracle Financials. Its been 4 months I am away from the field and I want to make a comeback.

    The issue I am facing now is most of the employers are asking for minimum 2 years of experience.

    Any inputs will be appreciated.

    Location not a constraint, currently I am based out of India.

    Thanks for your time!!
  2. kiran.marla

    kiran.marla Forum Genius

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    Better Explain Genuinely that You have around 2 Years of IT experience.. and 1 Year 6 Months as Relevant Experience to Oracle Apps. and rest of the things needs to explain clearly during Technical Discussions...
  3. odellglanville

    odellglanville Active Member

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    I have around 1year experience to oracle apps..