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JSP code in published site

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by amarpal.kaur@nvish.com, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I have created a site with JSP layouts. I am publishing my site using Site Studio publishing utility. 'URL page Name' for each section is 'index.jsp'. That means published site would contain index.jsp pages.

    Once i publish my site, all the JSP CODE Like <%scriptlets%> are executed to create the static snapshot of the page and the final JSP contains no JSP code only HTML

    Is there any way to preserve JSP code even in published Site page??

    Please suggest,
  2. Sadik

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    the plain answer is NO. But the more important question is why do you want JSP code in your published page? what is it that you are trying to do.

    You should know the basic philosophy of any server side scripting language be it JSP (or ASP or PHP etc) is that there is a server where the JSP page/code resides. There is a parser for the scripting language (Tomcat server in this instance) which understands the JSP commands and produces the final HTML output. Remember web browsers can only understand and output HTML (and Javascript) and not any server side scripting language.

    So what are you trying to do where you need to see the JSP code?
  3. Hi Sadik,

    I understand your point that browser can only understand HTML. But my requirement is:

    I have a site which have .jsp pages that are running fine on embedded Tomcat of CMS. But I want that my site which is build inside CMS should be able to run outside CMS independently. I should be able to execute JSPs on a server as they were running on embedded server of CMS.

    My problem is: I just want to fetch my site out of CMS so that it can run independently and functionalities (like Authentication from some third party Web Service, Which include JSP code on each page to maintain user session specific information) should also work.

    Is it possible to create dynamic site using Oracle UCM?