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Job Opportunity: IT Manager with Oracle experience & leadership skills

Discussion in 'Jobs Board' started by Chasidy C, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Chasidy C

    Chasidy C Guest

    Gopher Sport is seeking an Information Technology Manager to lead our IT department. Someone who can successfully meet and exceed the following expectations. If you meet the requirements below, please send your resume to jobs@gophersport.com.

    1. Manage the day-to-day operations of the Information Technology team and provide support to the entire organization including a distribution & call center.
    2. Expand current and future capabilities within the organization by implement emerging technologies.
    3. Partner with each department within the organization and propose technology solutions for their opportunities for improvement.
    4. Develop and coach the Information Technology team, provide them with challenging opportunities for growth, cross-train the department to insure support is available company-wide when needed and continuously improve the processes driven by the IT department.

    Other expectations include:
    1. Develop corporate policy and procedures for IT asset management. Develop and maintain the IT asset rollover project plan.
    2. Contribute to the strategic and operating planning process. Identify and lead department objectives in order to meet or exceed company goals.
    3. Develop, document and maintain the company IT Disaster Recovery Plan including a formal back-up system to minimize risk to the organization.
    4. Identify and manage project scope, project risks, project plans and budgets. Document and communicate project status as needed.
    5. Coordinate training on new systems processes and procedures, monitor implementation and measure effectiveness of training to determine and eliminate knowledge gaps.
    6. Develop and manage the department*s operating budget and negotiate vendor contracts. Proactively assist other departments in determining their IT needs and budgetary requirements.

    Education, Knowledge & Experience Required:
    1. Bachelors degree in a technical related field from an accredited university/college and or significant work experience
    2. Minimum 5-years success working in the information technology field. Direct marketing, distribution, and/or call center experience preferred.
    3. Demonstrated success implementing emerging technologies within a corporate environment.
    4. Demonstrated success leading technologies associated with enterprise applications including ERP and WMS. 3-5 years Oracle experience required including focused projects on continuous improvement. Manhattan ILS and Linux experience preferred.
    5. Success working as a project lead or technical lead including training experience.
    6. Minimum of 3-5 years supervisory success in a progressive team environment required.

    Characteristics Required:
    1. Ability to build collaborative relationships across all levels and departments.
    2. Proven ability to demonstrate *Customer Experience" culture.
    3. Demonstrated organizational skills to plan work schedules and manage multiple projects/plans.
    4. Self-motivation and ability to work independently. Ability and willingness to provide support and training to all team members during their work schedule.
    5. Demonstrated ability for detail orientated work.
    6. Demonstrated ability to lead, motivate and develop others in a team environment.
    7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills necessary to communicate with customers, vendors, and team members.
    8. Demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and quick response time to both internal and external customers
    9. Proven strong project management skills.
    10. Proven excellent problem solving skills and root cause identification, data analysis, and troubleshooting skills.
    11. Demonstrated ability to meet aggressive project deadlines with professionalism and meet expectations for first time right.

    Please answer the following questions & submit your response along with your resume to jobs@gophersport.com.

    Do you have a bachelor's degree in a technical related field?

    2. Do you have a minimum of 5 years experience working in information technology?

    3. How are specifically qualified for this position?

    4. What qualifications do you bring to this position that other candidates may not?

    5. Describe the types of departments, including number of employees, that you have directly led.

    6. What specific experiences do you have working with oracle ERP?

    7. Please list salary requirements:

    8. Desribe any experiences you had using technology to expand capabilities within a previous employer?

    9. List any experiences you had partnering with other departments to provide technology solutions where the department was unaware of the need for change.

    10. List any projects that you led to continuously improve processes within the IT department.