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Issues Faced While Installing Oracle RAC Standard Edition on RHEL5.0

Discussion in 'Installation - Unix and Unix Like' started by prashant, May 6, 2011.

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    New Delhi, India

    I completed 2 Node RAC installation (silent mode) a few days ago.

    Thought of sharing issues I faced and their resolution which may be of some help:-

    Issue 1: During CRS installation

    WARNING:Error while copying directory /home/oracle/product/10.2.0/crs with exclude file list 'null' to nodes 'agnhp02'. [PRKC-1002 : All the submitted commands did not execute successfully]
    /bin/tar: ./bin/olsoidsync: time stamp 2011-04-21 05:58:01 is 4 s in the future
    /bin/tar: ./bin/usrvip: time stamp 2011-04-21 05:58:01 is 3 s in the future
    ... (more errors on this node).

    Cause: Time is not synchronized between 2 nodes

    Solution : Synchronize Time on both machines. One can use NTP or as in my case our IT desk was unable to install NTP so I used rdate command like following:-
    From Node 1: "rdate -s <node2>"

    In case the above command fails with "rdate: couldn't connect to host agnhp01: Connection refused" perform following steps from NODE 1:-

    chkconfig time-dgram on
    chkconfig time-stream on
    service xinetd restart

    rdate -p node2

    After this run "rdate -s <node2>" again. This will synchronise the time on node 2 as per node 1.

    Issue 2: Error while running CRS root.sh

    WARNING: directory '/home/oracle/product/10.2.0' is not owned by root
    WARNING: directory '/home/oracle/product' is not owned by root
    WARNING: directory '/home/oracle' is not owned by root
    Checking to see if Oracle CRS stack is already configured

    Setting the permissions on OCR backup directory
    Setting up NS directories
    Failed to upgrade Oracle Cluster Registry configuration

    Further Analysis from CRS logs:-

    $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/node1/client/ocrconfig_17456.log had following errors:-

    2011-04-29 08:49:13.279: [ OCRCONF][1452832]ocrconfig starts...
    2011-04-29 08:49:13.279: [ OCRCONF][1452832]Upgrading OCR data
    2011-04-29 08:49:13.283: [ OCRRAW][1452832]propriogid:1: INVALID FORMAT
    2011-04-29 08:49:13.284: [ OCRRAW][1452832]ibctx:1:ERROR: INVALID FORMAT
    2011-04-29 08:49:13.284: [ OCRRAW][1452832]proprinit:problem reading the bootblock or superbloc 22

    Cause: Raw devices for OCR were not partitioned sparing first 10 cylinders
    Solution: Reconfigure All Raw Devices sparing first 10 cylinders.

    Issue 3: VIPCA fails

    VIPCA fails with /home/oracle/crs/oracle/product/10/crs/jdk/jre//bin/java: error while loading
    shared libraries: libpthread.so.0: cannot open shared object file:
    No such file or directory

    Cause & Solution : As per metalink following is the cause and resolution:-

    Edit vipca (in the CRS bin directory on all nodes) to undo the setting of LD_ASSUME_KERNEL. After the IF statement around line 120 add an unset command to ensure LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is not set as follows:

    if [ "$arch" = "i686" -o "$arch" = "ia64" -o "$arch" = "x86_64" ]

    unset LD_ASSUME_KERNEL <<<== Line to be added

    Similarly for srvctl (in both the CRS and, when installed, RDBMS and ASM bin directories on all nodes), unset LD_ASSUME_KERNEL by adding one line, around line 168 should look like this:


    unset LD_ASSUME_KERNEL <<<== Line to be added

    Issue 4: Error during Software installation

    Some libXP error

    Cause: The package libXp was not installed in RHEL 5/OEL 5 with default RPM packages, so it will need to be installed manually.

    Solution : Install the package libXp by the command:

    # rpm -ivh </path/to/>libXp.<version>.i386.rpm

    Issue 5: After Clusterware patch installation, Software Patch installation failed

    The error mentioned that clusterware is still in although the patch was applied

    Cause: $ORA_CRS_HOME/install/root102.sh has not been run.

    Solution: root102.sh need to be run which will upgrade relevant patch information in Oracle Clusterware.

    Issue 6 : Error during ASM configuration

    Silent Installation just says :-

    Look at the log file "/export/home/oracle/product/10.2.0/db/cfgtoollogs/dbca/silent.log" for further details.

    But post this ASM did not startup.

    Cause: This one was hard to find. Silent Install Log (path mentioned above) had RSA error for node1. After investigation i found that although ssh was configured properly I did not login to self node once which adds an entry to known_hosts.

    Solution: ssh on self node once after configuration and type 'yes' when prompted to add this authentication entry.

    Issue 7 : After configuration Alert log warnings

    WARNING: No Cluster Interconnect Has Been Specified

    Cause : oifcfg setif was not set with proper subnet mask for Cluster interconnect

    Solution: oifcfg setif with proper cluster interconnect subnet mask the format is :-

    oifcfg setif {-node <nodename> | -global} {<if_name>/<subnet>:<if_type>}

    I was installing RAC for the first time. Many of you might find these issues trivial but first time installers may benefit from this.

    Kindly revert in case you have any doubts on this.

    Best Regards,