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Issue with FSG Report

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by tejach.apps, May 4, 2011.

  1. tejach.apps

    tejach.apps Active Member

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    Dear Team,

    I had a problem with FSG report, coming to the issue firstly:
    Step 1: FSG report is been generated and in output one line item is showing Actual BAL Rs.50 and YTD BAL is 100, which are wrong amounts.
    Step 2: By using that line item I query in row set and got the details of assignments. And using the same assignments in inquiry window I query for the output which is showing Actual BAL Rs.40 and YTD bal.60.
    My concern is whenever we run the FSG report it will fetch the data from the same data base which inquiry window is using.

    Can anyone suggest me any workaround to found out the why variance is coming or whether any other way of checking the data.
  2. Moataz_Haddad

    Moataz_Haddad Active Member

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    i suggest You Can Check Data from Account Analysis Reports Standard Through Your Period
    Second Check The Set Of Book That You Assign in Detail Of this item inside the row set , and Make sure You Choose the correct Company Number In Account Assignment For this Line Item In the row set for this FSG Report