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Is sales dbi is available in r12.2.4 to create dashboards, or how is this replaced ?

Discussion in 'Oracle CRM' started by fleurdorge, May 30, 2016.

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    My company is starting to setup Sales (ASN)
    We need to provide dashboards to end users

    From Sales implementation guide R12.2, the 'Oracle Daily Business Intelligence User Guide' should be used as a reference document (page 16 of guide : Part No. E49032-01). In addition, the guide indicates several times that the dashboard is active and can be setup.

    In addition, the Sales product sheet (found here : http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/057089.pdf) indicates Out Of The Box Integration with Oracle Sales DBI

    Finally , I found these notes that apply from R12 onwards (Oracle Sales Intelligence - Version 12.0.0 and later) :
    How To Setup the Sales Dashboard DBI Reports In Release 12 ( Doc ID 1188763.1 )
    How To Populate the Sales Dashboard DBI Reports In Release 12 ( Doc ID 1221154.1 )

    However, I also read the following note that makes me confused :
    DBI: Announcing the Desupport of Daily Business Intelligence (DBI), Balanced Scorecard (BSC), and Embedded Data Warehouse (EDW) ( Doc ID 1351505.1 )

    Can you confirm if in R12.2.4, we can still setup the Sales dashboard with DBI ?

    Also, I ran the script at paragraph 6 from note : DBI: Using Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) to Determine What Version of DBI you are running ( Doc ID 315784.1 )

    SQL> select patch_level from fnd_product_installations
    where patch_level like '%BIS%';

    This returns PATCH_LEVEL : R12.BIS.C.4

    Any help from Sales R12.2 customers would help a lot.

    Thank you