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Invoice Number Format In XMLP Report Output as Excel

Discussion in 'Other Development Tools' started by jagadekara, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Recently I come across one issue. I have a XMLP report which is giving excel output. So when I ran the report, In invoice_number column it is showing 2.01213E+12

    But actually Invoice number is 2012131000014.

    If it is 2012131000015 also it will show as 2.01213E+12.

    So I tried many times with different formats and finally find below answer.

    In rtf for invoice tag used like this.

    <fo:bidi-override direction="ltr" unicode-bidi="bidi-override"> <?INVOICE_NUMBER?></fo:bidi-override>

    Now when I ran the report it is showing Invoice Numbers as it is.