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Invoice approval flow

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by sreeni, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. sreeni

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    Could you please clarify below queries.

    1. My client requirement is one individual needs to be setup with 2 roles in the invoice approval hierarchy?
    2. Below is the approval hierarchies.

    i) Admin Executive -> Admin Head -> Finance Executive -> Finance Manager
    ii) HR Executive -> HR Head -> Finance Executive -> Finance Manager
    iii) Finance Executive -> Finance Head -> Finance Executive -> Finance Manager

    Above hierarchies they are currently following.
    When invoice is received by department executive (Admin or HR or Finance), who verifies the invoice with PO quantity and price and forwards the same to respective department head (Admin or HR or Finance) for approval. From here all the invices are further verified and approved by Finance. There are no approval limits for the approval of the invoice, it is based on the roles only.

    Issue is If finance receives the invoice it has to go finance head instead of finance manager as per the above first 2 hierarchies. Could you please provide any solution how can I define above hierarchy to satisfy client requirement as per thier business.

    Can one individual be setup with 2 roles in invoice approval hierarchy?

    Thanks in advance.