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International HR Payslip Customization in R12.1.3.

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by Srinu, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Srinu

    Srinu Guest

    Hi All,

    I am new to this community and desperately need help from you all.

    Please suggest us if we could follow the below approach to customize the standard international online payslip.

    From note 1460661.1 we could find the below details to customise the Standard International Payslip in "Oracle Self Service Human Resources Deploy Self Service Capability Guide".

    You can further configure the Online Payslip by setting up various options:
    1. Optionally define additional information to be displayed in the Other Information
    section of the payslip using the Payslip Information Additional Organization
    information. You can display elements, messages, and balances.
    2. If you are providing Online Payslips in PDF output, you can add custom data to the
    generated XML by defining a custom package and procedure and entering it in the
    XML Code field in Self Service Preference at the business group, HR organization or
    location level.
    This procedure should have the following three input parameters: p_document
    type, p_action_context_id and p_action_information_category and will be called
    once for each archived action_information_category (e.g. IP_DEDUCTIONS,
    EMPLOYEE_DETAILS, etc as is shown in the sample below). You can add custom
    XML tags which will appear under that action_information_category in addition to
    the ones already archived (see example below).
    Another call to the above procedure is invoked after all archived information has
    been parsed into the corresponding XML with the purpose of allowing the addition
    of a custom information category along with its segments (e.g.
    CUSTOM_CATEGORY1 and CUSTOM CATEGORY 2 in the below example). This
    call will pass NULL to the action_information_category parameter so as to
    differentiate it from the previous call(s). The value for p_document_type will
    always be 'PAYSLIP' and the assignment action id of the payroll archiver run will
    be passed for the p_action_context_id.


    Now inorder to achieve the steps mentioned in my below update as per Note 1460661.1 ,we have written below package to generate the custom XML tags:

    CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY apps.xxbot_payslipxmlgen_pkg
    procedure payslipgen( errbuf OUT VARCHAR2,
    retcode OUT VARCHAR2,p_document_type varchar2(50) , p_action_information_category varchar2(50), p_action_context_id number)
    l_date_of_birth date;
    Cursor payslip is
    SELECT papf.date_of_birth
    FROM apps.pay_payroll_actions ppa,
    apps.pay_assignment_actions paa,
    apps.per_all_assignments_f paaf,
    apps.per_all_people_f papf
    WHERE ppa.payroll_action_id = paa.payroll_action_id
    AND paa.assignment_id = paaf.assignment_id
    AND papf.person_id = paaf.person_id
    AND ppa.payroll_action_id = p_action_context_id
    AND papf.current_employee_flag = 'Y'
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN paaf.effective_start_date
    AND paaf.effective_end_date
    AND TRUNC (SYSDATE) BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date
    AND papf.effective_end_date;


    for payxml in payslip loop

    fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.output, '<EMPLOYEE_DETAILS>');
    fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.output,
    '<DATE_OF_BIRTH><![CDATA['|| payxml.l_date_of_birth || ']]> </DATE_OF_BIRTH> ');
    fnd_file.put_line (fnd_file.output, '</EMPLOYEE_DETAILS>');

    If there is only one employee for the given payroll action id then it would generate the output as below:
    <DATE_OF_BIRTH> 05-May-2013 </DATE_OF_BIRTH>
    Now, we would like to know on the below things:
    1)how this custom generated xml is combined with the XML generated from generic package(standard oracle package)
    2)Where can we see the combined generated XML file.
    3)We suppose that Parameter "XML Code" will have <PackageName>.<ProcedureName> as parameter.But do we need to include the parameters(p_document_type,p_action_information_category,p_action_context_id) of our custom procedure as well in "XML Code" parameter?

    Please let me know if any changes are required in the above package code.

    Srinivas Ammulwar
  2. Bharat

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    Vijayawada, India
    Hi Srini,

    As this is an HRMS/Payroll related issue, this thread is moved to Oracle HRMS & Payroll section. As if we post the queries in their related sections we can get responses easily and its easily identified by others too.
  3. HD_temp

    HD_temp Guest


    Have you got the solution for your problem ?