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Intercompany Accounting between 2 ledgers in Oracle R12

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by srinum, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    We are looking at implementing intercompany accounting between 2 different ledgers. Currently we have 2 separte primary ledgers for different operating units and both comes under different legal entities.

    Both are multi currency enabled. Some transactions involve intercomapny accounting to be generated which are currently happening in 11i instance in one single set of books. The intercompany accounting related to other set of books for this transaction are manually entered. But in R12, through SLA feature, shall we able to get these intercompany transactions or accounting for foreign currency transactions in different ledgers simultaneously with what ever accounting is required in the ledgers by defining any rules.

    For Eg: Employee in OU1 (Currency A) will provide some service in OU2 (Currency B) and enter the expense claim with OU1 iExpense responsibility in Currency B with some exchange rate. Initially the payment to the employee will be done by OU1 Currency A and will be charged to OU2 later. It involves intercompany accounting and exchange rate gain or loss. In this case the accounting is supposed to happen in both OU1 ledger and OU2 ledger with corresponding accounting entries. Whether R12 SLA will fulfill this kind of feasibility?

    Can Please provide your inputs or thoughts..

    Thanks a lot.