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Installing RAC 11g on EL5

Discussion in 'Installation - Unix and Unix Like' started by Nicky_hayden, May 26, 2009.

  1. Nicky_hayden

    Nicky_hayden Active Member

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    Hi Everybody,

    I had install RAC 11g ( under EL5 update 2.
    clusterware for 2 nodes has been successfully installed but in next step, installing database on both nodes, it said

    "Central Inventory /etc/oracle/oraInventory is on a shared drive, each node among rac1,rac2 should have its own Central Inventory. Central Inventory cannot be shared, this is not supported"

    i read some article that it can be fix by run this :
    Run <crs>/oui/bin/attachhome.sh -silent -local -cfs CRS=true -invPtrLoc <crs>/oraInst.loc on each of the nodes

    i tried those step but it didn't work. still same error message.

    does anyone can help me here?
    really appreciate.

  2. tyro

    tyro Forum Genius

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    Hi Nicky

    The Oracle Central Inventory holds information about the Oracle software that is installed on that node only; therefore it must not be placed on a clustered/shared filesystem to be shared by other nodes in an Oracle RAC environment.

    Now the thing is versions of OUI prior to did not display the warning you got if you chose a shared location for the Oracle Central Inventory, and so your cluster installation prior may have a Central Inventory in a shared location.

    So the Bottomline is that you need to relocate the Central Inventory from Shared Location to Private (Local) Location. Take a look at Metalink Note 604513.1. It has got the instructions on how to do that.