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Installation and Uses of JCreator

Discussion in 'Other Development Tools' started by sameer, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Installation and Uses of JCreator

    JCreator is a popular product for Java and a Java Interactive Development Environment (IDE). JCreator is available in two editions, namely, Lite Edition and Pro Edition. Lite edition of JCreator is available to download for free.

    To install JCreator Lite Edition on your computer system you need to follow these steps:

    • Make sure that Java is installed on your computer system
    • Note the path of the location where Java is installed on your computer.
    • Download the Lite edition of JCreator from here
    • Save the downloaded file, that is a zip file on your computer.
    • Extract the file on specified location.
    • Click on ‘Run the Setup’ or run.exe option to install JCreator with default options.
    • A setup window would appear where you need to enter some information and choose some options.
    • There would be an option if you want to associate JCreator files with JCreator. Click on the Next button.
    • You need to enter the path location where the Java is installed on your computer system.


    • If documentation for JCreator was downloaded by you then the installer prompts you to enter its path. Click on Next button.
    • If you want, the JCreator to start when the installation completes then checks on the option to ‘Launch JCreator LE’ upon installation completion.
    • Click on the Finish button.
    • You may delete the zipped and unzipped folder from your computer when the installation is complete.

    Interface of JCreator is similar to Microsoft’s Visual Studio and has various color schemes. It also has an intuitive interface for easy debugging so you need not to use command line prompts. Like Microsoft’s Visual Studio, JCreator has options for user interface customization with automatic class path configuration. You can write codes quickly with the help of project templates available in JCreator.

    JCreator is considerably faster in execution as compared to other Java IDE’s as it does not need JRE or Java Runtime Environment for its execution. The runtime environment of JCreator runs your applications in a command line window, J Unit or as an applet. You may use JCreator Wizards to write your project easily and quickly. It is also possible to view the project with class browser. You can use different JDK profiles in JCreator.

    Use of JCreator depends on the user choice, as it is possible to create only Java class file or a complete project. It is advised to choose to create project if you will have to create large number of class files. You may also choose to open an existing project to add, modify or delete files. JCreator comes with a compiler that would assist you in creating error free class files and project.


    Just click on the compile class or project option and the errors, if any, would be displayed.

    However, JCreator lacks in various aspects such as code completion, automated refactoring, common framework support etc. as compared to other Java IDE’s available in the market.