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Install Oracle DB on RHEL4

Discussion in 'Installation - Unix and Unix Like' started by mzainal, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. mzainal

    mzainal Forum Advisor

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    I'm install Oracle DB on my server. The OS is RHEL 4.6. I got error that my sga is small. SGA is auto or i can customize their setting?
    Is there any GUI step by step installation, perhaps.

    Please assist me

    p/s: Install oracle database 32bit version.
  2. sameer

    sameer Forum Advisor

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    You may want to increase your SGA_MAX_SIZE

    You may try this.

    Step 1:
    Code (SQL):
          SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET SGA_MAX_SIZE=<your SIZE; example 2000M> SCOPE=spfile;
    Step 2:
    Code (SQL):
          SQL> shutdown immediate;
          SQL> startup
    To verify that the change was made:
    Code (SQL):
          SQL> SHOW parameter sga_max_size
    Step 3:
    Code (SQL):
          SQL> CREATE pfile FROM spfile;
  3. janste

    janste Active Member

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    If you chose AUTO Oracle will allocate 40% of total memory to your instance. It will then set the SGA target and SGA MAX size to a specific value.
    By using Enterprice Manager you can quite easily monitor and adjust your SGA but in your case you would need to bounce your db as Sameer describes.
    Ether change your SGA through SQL or Enterprice Manager.
    If your running with multiple instances on a database server i will not recommend to install with AUTO.