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Install Content tracker in UCM

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by goochboo, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. goochboo

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    Content Tracker Installation

    1. Goto Admin Server
    2. Click on Component Manager
    3. Click Browse for “Install New Component” and select ContentTracker.zip file.
    4. Click on Install. A list of items to be installed will be displayed.
    5. Click Continue.
    6. Enter the information asked on the screen.

    If you are using Oracle as Content Server database, you are using Unicode string data types; you must set the maximum URL length preferences value to 2000 at most. This is because the Oracle datatypes VARCHAR2 and NVARCHAR2 are restricted to 4000 bytes that limit unicode fields to 2000 characters. If you are using UTF-8 (AL32URT8) encoding on the Content Server, then the field size should be limited to 1333 characters

    A different port number should be used for each instance (master or proxied) in which Content Tracker is installed
    7. Click Continue
    8. Enable and Re-start the Content Server

    Installing Content Tracker Reports

    The Content Tracker Reports component provides pre-defined report categories that include document usage reports, user access reports, and admin reports.

    1. Goto Admin Server
    2. Click on Component Manager
    3. Click Browse for “Install New Component” and select ContentTrackerReports.zip file.
    4. Click on Install. A list of items to be installed will be displayed
    5. Select Checkbox if required
    Selecting the checkbox enables the security checks installation preference and configures Content Tracker Reports to operate in secure mode. In secure mode, the same security criteria (role and account qualifications) that are used to limit Content Server search results for a particular user are also applied to the Content Tracker Report component’s queries and the generated reports.
    Thus, it is possible that two different users running the Top Content Items report may see different results.
    Note: Secure Mode option does not work with ACL’s.

    5. Click Continue
    6. Enable and Re-start Content Server

    source : ecmtechnology.blogspot

    How to configure :

    we will use 3 files :

    1- ucm\server\custom\ContentTrackerReports\templates\contenttrackerreports_main_page.htm
    2- ucm\server\custom\ContentTrackerReports\resources\contenttrackerreports_template_resource.htm


    1- add these lines at the end of file 1- ucm\server\custom\ContentTrackerReports\templates\contenttrackerreports_main_page.htm


    <table width=80% border=0> <tr><td> <span class="tableEntry"><input type="radio" name="radiobutton" value="qCustomusers" onClick="updateDrill(this.value);"> Users </span> </td> </tr> </table>
    2- add these lines at the end of file ucm\server\custom\ContentTrackerReports\resources\contenttrackerreports_template_resource.htm


    <@dynamichtml qCustomusers_vars@> <$reportWidth = "100%"$> <$title = "<i>Users</i>"$> <$reportTitle="Users"$> <$column1Width="35%"$> <$column0Drill="qSctrDocsSeenByUser_Drill"$> <@end@>

    3- add these lines at the end of ucm\server\custom\ContentTrackerReports\resources\contenttrackerreports_query.htm


    <tr> <td>qCustomusers</td> <td>select dname from users </td> </tr>
    4- then restart content server

    5- open administration and choose tracker report you will see users radio button choose it and click summit

    6- enjoy
  2. mansi

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    you will have to download the zip files for content tracker reports and administrator from oracle software downloads and then run the exe file for installing it in server/custom/
  3. Sadik

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