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Inserting data of Oracle Apps R12 Payroll Results into MySQL database tables.

Discussion in 'Other Databases' started by mogalafzal, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Hi ,

    We got a requirement to integrate between oracle database and MySQL Server.
    The payroll will be run in the Oracle Apps R12, and need to develop an API to insert data of payroll results into MySQL database tables, this will be for 4,5 months as Finance Modules of Apps will be implemented for them too, So this MySQL will be replaced totally by Oracle.

    Kindly suggest all the steps, as this is my first time.

    Our Database of Oracle is in Linux. Apps Version is R12.1.3

    I went through a online document, but it says 'updates, delete or inserts might fail' by using the dg4odbc gateway, need to use 'different gateway called DG4MSQL, which requires purchase of new licensing.'

    Thanks a lot in advance.