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Implementing a 9/80 Work Schedule in OTL

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by user9323332, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. user9323332

    user9323332 Guest

    Has anyone successfully implemented OTL to support a 9/80 work schedule . . . without paying overtime? If so, how did you do it?

    A 9/80 work schedule spans a two week period with the first week having hours like this: M9 T9 W9 T9 F8 and the second week having hours like this: M9 T9 W9 T9 F0

    The first week has 44 hours in it and the second week has 36 hours in it. Oracle supports this, if you pay those four hours from the first week (which are over 40 hours) as overtime. But some people do not pay those four hours as overtime. How are you able to do that? I could see that you could accomplish this if you were able to bifurcate the Friday for separate entry (like assuming the workweek began/ended at noon). But without that split entry, how can you do this?
  2. pwruser1

    pwruser1 Guest

    I do not know of anyone as of yet who has solved this in Oracle. One thing that stands in the way is that most people don't understand the difference between a pay period, a work week and a schedule. A workweek is 7 consecutive 24 hour periods. FLSA specifically prohibits "averaging" hours accross workweeks. So to have a 9/80 workweek you need to start the day at noon. So your first workday of the workweek is noon Friday to noon Saturday. Second day from noon Saturday to noon Sunday...etc with the last workday being noon Thursday to noon Friday. If any hours are worked in excess of 40 between noon Friday and noon the following Friday then ovetime must be paid (assuming a non-exempt workforce). You can't just "split" Friday's hours or move an arbitrary number of hours to the next weeks calculations, you must track the number of hours worked before noon separate from the number of hours worked after noon and put them in the appropriate week.

    One way attempt this is to put an indicator one the timesheet that flags the AM and PM hours. That will obviously take some custom code in both the time sheet and the gross calculation.