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Impact on Reporting due to 11i to R12 Upgrade

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by ramankb, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. ramankb

    ramankb Active Member

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    I have a few queries related to the impact on reporting due to the R12 upgrade under the following categories:

    Tables/views Dropped:
    1.How the retro fitment will work for the report having 11i data objects which have been dropped in R12. For eg: A report fetching data from 11i PO_VENDORS
    table which has been dropped in R12 and replaced by a view.

    New functionality Impact:
    2.What is the impact of new functionalities on the retro fitment. For eg: Report currently fetching data from ra_cust_trx_line_gl_dist_all. In such a case, should
    the report point to new SLA tables or continue to point to the transaction distribution tables. Is there any impact, if the report continues to fetch data from the
    distribution tables instead of SLA tables.

    3. Are there any new table joins as part of R12 new functionality For eg: Whether an AP report pointing to AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL will show the
    correct picture with the introduction of new invoice lines model in AP in R12 OR a join would be required between the new lines table with the distribution table
    to fetch the same set of records.

    Coexisting tables:
    4.There are some coexisting tables in R12. For eg: Oracle Payments is a new module in R12. Whether a report which is fetching data from AP_INV_SELECTION_CRITERIA_ALL
    in 11i should continue to fetch the data from the same table or it should point to the new IBY tables in R12.

    Schema Changes:
    Is there any reporting impact due to table schema changes in R12?

  2. shreya.gang

    shreya.gang Guest

    Hey Raman,

    Did you get any reply to the queries posted above?