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Idnetification of an Oracle 10G video tutorial

Discussion in 'General' started by cyadron, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. cyadron

    cyadron Guest

    A while ago I found a good tutorial on youtube regarding oracle 10G and saved the link. Later on, when I tried to recommend this tutorial to a friend I found out the source was removed.
    Now I've found it again, but it seems to be re-uploaded by someone who doesn't own the rights for it, and probably it's going to be banned again from youtube.

    I'm trying to identify the original source so I can have the complete information in a way that I can share it and came back to it later on.

    Are you guys familiar with this tutorial series? Do you know the name of it? Or maybe the trainer?
    The speaker is a lady, I see she mention the part as a "nugget".

    I would have shared the link from youtube, but I can't, I'm new here and the forum picks this as a spam attempt.

    So I'll post a print screen (attached), maybe you guys will recognize the tutorial.

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