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IBR and DAM Installation and Configuration

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by tejalmistry, May 12, 2009.

  1. tejalmistry

    tejalmistry Active Member

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    I want to understand how can I use DAM to convert my images. I've downloaded all the components and the third party s/w.
    How can i configure my third party s/w to my IBR and DAM? What changes I've to make in the config files of IBR and DAM?
    Do I have to run any setup exe for IBR. Right now I'm able to see "Refinery Administration" option under my Administration tab. Thats it. I dnt know how to proceed further.
    I'm really looking forward for some kind of guidance. From past 3 days I'm struggling with it and not able to resolve the problem.
  2. markH

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    Hmmm regarding IBR have you at least gone through the basic documentation? The link is here:


    The whole of Oracle's UCM documentation is here:


    Now about IBR, well it is basically another service like the Content server. What you have installed is the Inbound Refinery support component, which is required for CS to connect to IBR. The IBR setup files are located in the Digital Asset Managment download. IBR setup is just like Content server, i.e command line where you have to give answers to options. Once IBR is installed and running as a service, you need to setup CS and IBR to talk to each other by setting up your CS as a provider in IBR. It's relatively easy if you go step by step.