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I have problems to solve. everyone help me.

Discussion in 'General' started by michaeltoan016, May 25, 2018.

  1. michaeltoan016

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    viet nam

    Need some quick help with some modern basics! Some background - I've used oracle a long time ago (ver6 or so) and used to use toad, sqlldr etc , as a developer (backend delphi datastorage etc).

    Now I've got a task to regularly load data into a customers oracle database. Our system is living on a windows 2008 server and will produce csv files formatted for load to holding tables in the oracle db.

    I currently dont have any info on oracle version no (though they are running financials) dont have an oracle client installed (on my own machine or the server etc, dont have a connection string.

    Now I assume I need an oracle client , including sqlldr (which isnt in the instant client). Or is there a more modern way of scheduling data load to oracle now (given the clients oracle 'experts' are anything but and both client and oracle guys are most unhelpful).

    Then I will use a windows schedule to run a batch file to check a folder , run sqlldr and copy the finished files somewhere else.

    Can I download a trial oracle db from oracle? and a Client install? So I can at least get started with this whole process..

  2. zargon

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    Aurora, CO
    This is a volunteer forum, not a paid support service, and making demands is not the way to get assistance. Also your information is incomplete with respect to the instant client; visit here:


    to view and download various additions to the basic instant client for 32-bit windows and here:


    for 64-bit x86 Windows.

    If they are running financials then there MUST be a tnsnames.ora entry for this database, and there is where you will find your connect string information. The server automatically gets client software so no separate installation is necessary for the machine where the database resides. If you have access to the database server a tensing for the database should produce output you can use to connect to the database.

    You do NOT need the full database, simply the instant client and the relevant add-ons.