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I am very glad to join in this forum

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by u1b401, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. u1b401

    u1b401 Guest

    Hello, I am from Bucharest, Romania. I am very glad to join in this forum.
    A few years ago I have worked for a big company named Siveco Romania
    Now i work on java programming, but i like to study and learn new things in Oracle Application Server, Oracle Portal, Oracle Ebusiness Suite, Oracle DS 10g (Forms,Reports,Designer)

    In the future, I woud like to start my own company for develop software based on Oracle and Java.

    At home i have installed on my new computer (icore i5 2,67 Ghz with 6 Gb RAM and 500 GB hdd Sata2 in this month, Oracle App Server 10g (9.0.4) Full with oracle portal, forms ,reports, discover, wireess services
    Oracle 10g DS, oracle 6i dev suite on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise (because win xp sp3 or win server 2000 doesn`t recognize 6 GB RAM memory) operating system

    In this moment i work for Metro Group IT Company
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    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Hello u1b401 (what does that stand for? :))

    We are glad you joined this forum too. Your application experience is very impressive. I am myself an oracle consultant. I have experience with Database, E-Business Suite and fusion middleware applications.

    looking forward to interactions with you on various threads.