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Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by ysrikanth52, Mar 27, 2012.

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    Oracle APPS Important Tables

    ONT- Order Management

    Table Name Description
    OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL stores header information for orders in Order Management.
    OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL stores information for all order lines in Oracle Order Management.
    OE_ORDER_SOURCES Feeder System Names that create orders in Order Management tables.
    OE_ORDER_HOLDS_ALL This table stores information of all the orders and lines that are on hold and the link to hold sources and hold releases.
    OE_SALES_CREDITS This table stores information about sales credits.
    OE_TRANSACTION_TYPES_ALL This table stores information about the order and line transaction types
    WSH_DELIVERY_ASSIGNMENTS Delivery Assignments
    WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS Delivery Details
    WSH_TRIPS Trips
    WSH_TRIP_STOPS Trip Stops

    PO - Purchasing

    Table Name Description
    PO_ACTION_HISTORY Document approval and control action history table
    PO_AGENTS Buyers table
    PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL Purchase order distributions
    PO_HEADERS_ALL Document headers (for purchase orders, purchase agreements, quotations, RFQs)
    PO_LINES_ALL Purchase document lines (for purchase orders, purchase agreements, quotations, RFQs)
    PO_LINE_LOCATIONS_ALL Document shipment schedules (for purchase orders, purchase agreements, quotations, RFQs)
    PO_RELEASES_ALL Purchase order releases
    PO_LINES_ARCHIVE_ALL Archived purchase order lines
    PO_LINE_LOCATIONS_ARCHIVE_ALL Archived purchase order shipments
    PO_HEADERS_ARCHIVE_ALL Archived purchase orders
    PO_LINE_TYPES_B Line types
    PO_RELEASES_ARCHIVE_ALL Archived releases
    PO_REQUISITION_HEADERS_ALL Requisition headers
    PO_REQUISITION_LINES_ALL Requisition lines
    PO_REQ_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL Requisition distributions
    RCV_TRANSACTIONS Receiving transactions
    RCV_SHIPMENT_HEADERS Shipment and receipt header information
    RCV_SHIPMENT_LINES Receiving shipment line information

    INV – Inventory

    Table Name Description
    MTL_CATEGORIES_B Code combinations table for Item Category
    MTL_CATEGORY_SETS_B Category Sets
    MTL_CUSTOMER_ITEMS Customer item Information
    MTL_CUSTOMER_ITEM_XREFS Relationships between customer items and inventory items
    MTL_DEMAND Sales order demand and reservations
    MTL_DEMAND_HISTORIES Sales order demand and reservations
    MTL_ITEM_LOCATIONS Definitions for stock locators
    MTL_ITEM_REVISIONS_B Item revisions
    MTL_ITEM_TEMPLATES_B Item template definitions
    MTL_ITEM_TEMPL_ATTRIBUTES Item attributes and attribute values for a template
    MTL_LOT_NUMBERS Lot number definitions
    MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS Material transaction table
    MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS_TEMP Temporary table for processing material transactions
    MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITIES_DETAIL FIFO quantities by control level and receipt
    MTL_PARAMETERS Inventory control options and defaults
    MTL_RESERVATIONS Reservations
    MTL_SECONDARY_INVENTORIES Subinventory definitions
    MTL_SECONDARY_LOCATORS Item-subinventory-locator assignments
    MTL_SERIAL_NUMBERS Serial number definitions
    MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B Inventory item definitions
    MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS Material transaction distributions
    MTL_TRANSACTION_TYPES Inventory Transaction Types Table
    MTL_TXN_REQUEST_HEADERS Move Order headers table
    MTL_TXN_REQUEST_LINES Move order lines table
    MTL_UNIT_TRANSACTIONS Serial number transactions

    GL- General Ledger

    Table Name Description
    GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS Stores valid account combinations
    GL_SETS_OF_BOOKS Stores information about the sets of books
    GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES Stores individual transactions from subledgers
    GL_DAILY_RATES Stores the daily conversion rates for foreign currency

    GL_PERIODS Stores information about the accounting periods
    GL_JE_HEADERS Stores journal entries
    GL_JE_LINES Stores the journal entry lines that you enter in the Enter Journals form
    GL_JE_BATCHES Stores journal entry batches
    GL_BALANCES Stores actual, budget, and encumbrance balances for detail and summary accounts
    GL_BUDGETS Stores Budget definitions
    GL_INTERFACE Import journal entry batches
    GL_BUDGET_INTERFACE Upload budget data from external sources
    GL_DAILY_RATES_INTERFACE Import daily conversion rates

    AR- Accounts Receivables

    Table Name Description
    RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL Transaction type for invoices, commitments and credit memos
    RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL Header-level information about invoices, debit memos, chargebacks, commitments and credit memos
    RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL Invoice, debit memo, chargeback, credit memo and commitment lines
    RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_GL_DIST_ALL Accounting records for revenue, unearned revenue and unbilled receivables
    RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_SALESREPS_ALL Sales credit assignments for transactions
    AR_ADJUSTMENTS_ALL Pending and approved invoice adjustments
    AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL Detailed receipt information
    AR_CASH_RECEIPT_HISTORY_ALL History of actions and status changes in the life cycle of a receipt
    AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL All transactions except adjustments and miscellaneous cash receipts
    AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL Accounting information for cash and credit memo applications
    AR_TRANSACTION_HISTORY_ALL Life cycle of a transaction
    HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS Stores information about customer accounts.
    HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILES Credit information for customer accounts and customer account sites
    HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL Stores all customer account sites across all operating units
    HZ_CUST_ACCT_RELATE_ALL Relationships between customer accounts
    HZ_CUST_CONTACT_POINTS This table is no longer used
    HZ_CUST_PROF_CLASS_AMTS Customer profile class amount limits for each currency
    HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL Stores business purposes assigned to customer account sites.
    HZ_LOCATIONS Physical addresses
    HZ_ORG_CONTACTS People as contacts for parties
    HZ_ORG_CONTACT_ROLES Roles played by organization contacts
    HZ_PARTIES Information about parties such as organizations, people, and groups
    HZ_PARTY_SITES Links party to physical locations
    HZ_PARTY_SITE_USES The way that a party uses a particular site or address
    HZ_RELATIONSHIPS Relationships between entities
    HZ_RELATIONSHIP_TYPES Relationship types

    CE- Cash Management

    Table Name Description
    CE_BANK_ACCOUNTS This table contains bank account information. Each bank account must be affiliated with one bank branch.
    CE_BANK_ACCT_BALANCES This table stores the internal bank account balances
    CE_BANK_ACCT_USES_ALL This table stores information about your bank account uses.
    CE_STATEMENT_HEADERS Bank statements
    CE_STATEMENT_LINES Bank statement lines
    CE_STATEMENT_HEADERS_INT Open interface for bank statements
    CE_STATEMENT_LINES_INTERFACE Open interface for bank statement lines
    CE_TRANSACTION_CODES Bank transaction codes
    AP- Accounts Payables

    Table Name Description
    AP_ACCOUNTING_EVENTS_ALL Accounting events table
    AP_AE_HEADERS_ALL Accounting entry headers table
    AP_AE_LINES_ALL Accounting entry lines table
    AP_BANK_ACCOUNTS_ALL Bank Account Details
    AP_BANK_ACCOUNT_USES_ALL Bank Account Uses Information
    AP_BANK_BRANCHES Bank Branches
    AP_BATCHES_ALL Summary invoice batch information
    AP_CHECKS_ALL Supplier payment data
    AP_HOLDS_ALL Invoice hold information
    AP_INVOICES_ALL Detailed invoice records
    AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL AP_INVOICE_LINES_ALL contains records for invoice lines entered manually, generated automatically or imported from the Open Interface.
    AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL Invoice distribution line information
    AP.AP_INVOICE_PAYMENTS_ALL Invoice payment records
    AP_PAYMENT_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL Payment distribution information
    AP_PAYMENT_HISTORY_ALL Maturity and reconciliation history for payments
    AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL Scheduled payment information on invoices
    AP_INTERFACE_REJECTIONS Information about data that could not be loaded by Payables Open Interface Import
    AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE Information used to create an invoice using Payables Open Interface Import
    AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE Information used to create one or more invoice distributions
    AP_SUPPLIERS AP_SUPPLIERS stores information about your supplier level attributes.
    AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL stores information about your supplier site level attributes.
    AP_SUPPLIER_CONTACTS Stores Supplier Contacts

    FA – Fixed Assets

    Table Name Description
    FA_ADDITIONS_B Descriptive information about assets
    FA_ADJUSTMENTS Information used by the posting program to generate journal entry lines in the general ledger
    FA_ASSET_HISTORY Historical information about asset reclassifications and unit adjustments
    FA_ASSET_INVOICES Accounts payable and purchasing information for each asset
    FA_BOOKS Financial information of each asset
    FA_BOOK_CONTROLS Control information that affects all assets in a depreciation book
    FA_CALENDAR_PERIODS Detailed calendar information
    FA_CALENDAR_TYPES General calendar information
    FA_CATEGORIES_B Default financial information for asset categories
    FA_CATEGORY_BOOKS Default financial information for an asset category and depreciation book combination
    FA_DEPRN_DETAIL Depreciation amounts charged to the depreciation expense account in each distribution line
    FA_DEPRN_PERIODS Information about each depreciation period
    FA_DEPRN_EVENTS Information about depreciation accounting events.
    FA_DEPRN_SUMMARY Depreciation information at the asset level
    FA_DISTRIBUTION_ACCOUNTS Table to store account ccids for all distributions for a book
    FA_DISTRIBUTION_DEFAULTS Distribution set information
    FA_DISTRIBUTION_HISTORY Employee, location, and Accounting Flexfield values assigned to each asset
    FA_DISTRIBUTION_SETS Header information for distribution sets
    FA_FORMULAS Depreciation rates for formula-based methods
    FA_LOCATIONS Location flexfield segment value combinations
    FA_MASS_ADDITIONS Information about assets that you want to automatically add to Oracle Assets from another system
    FA_METHODS Depreciation method information
    FA_RETIREMENTS Information about asset retirements and reinstatements

    HRMS- Human Resource Management System

    Table Name Description
    HR_ALL_ORGANIZATION_UNITS Organization unit definitions.
    HR_ALL_POSITIONS_F Position definition information.
    HR_LOCATIONS_ALL Work location definitions.
    PER_ADDRESSES Address information for people
    PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F DateTracked table holding personal information for employees, applicants and other people.
    PER_ALL_ASSIGNMENTS_F Allocated Tasks
    PER_ANALYSIS_CRITERIA Flexfield combination table for the personal analysis key flexfield.
    PER_ASSIGNMENT_EXTRA_INFO Extra information for an assignment.
    PER_ASSIGNMENT_STATUS_TYPES Predefined and user defined assignment status types.
    PER_CONTRACTS_F The details of a persons contract of employment
    PER_CONTACT_RELATIONSHIPS Contacts and relationship details for dependents, beneficiaries, emergency contacts, parents etc.
    PER_GRADES Grade definitions for a business group.
    PER_JOBS Jobs defined for a Business Group
    PER_PAY_BASES Definitions of specific salary bases
    PER_PAY_PROPOSALS Salary proposals and performance review information for employee assignments
    PER_PEOPLE_EXTRA_INFO Extra information for a person
    PER_PERIODS_OF_PLACEMENT Periods of placement details for a non-payrolled worker
    PER_PERIODS_OF_SERVICE Period of service details for an employee.
    PER_PERSON_ANALYSES Special information types for a person
    PER_PERSON_TYPES Person types visible to specific Business Groups.
    PER_PERSON_TYPE_USAGES_F Identifies the types a person may be.
    PER_PHONES PER_PHONES holds phone numbers for current and ex-employees, current and ex-applicants and employee contacts.
    PER_SECURITY_PROFILES Security profile definitions to restrict user access to specific HRMS records

    PAY- Payroll

    Table Name Description
    PAY_ACTION_INFORMATION Archived data stored by legislation
    PAY_ALL_PAYROLLS_F Payroll group definitions.
    PAY_ASSIGNMENT_ACTIONS Action or process results, showing which assignments have been processed by a specific payroll action, or process.
    PAY_ELEMENT_CLASSIFICATIONS Element classifications for legislation and information needs.
    PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRIES_F Element entry list for each assignment.
    PAY_ELEMENT_ENTRY_VALUES_F Actual input values for specific element entries.
    PAY_ELEMENT_LINKS_F Eligibility rules for an element type.
    PAY_ELEMENT_TYPES_F Element definitions.
    PAY_ELEMENT_TYPE_USAGES_F Used to store elements included or excluded from a defined run type.
    PAY_ORG_PAYMENT_METHODS_F Payment methods used by a Business Group.
    PAY_PAYMENT_TYPES Types of payment that can be processed by the system.
    PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS Holds information about a payroll process.
    PAY_PEOPLE_GROUPS People group flexfield information.
    PAY_PERSONAL_PAYMENT_METHODS_F Personal payment method details for an employee.
    PAY_RUN_RESULTS Result of processing a single element entry.
    PAY_RUN_RESULT_VALUES Result values from processing a single element entry.
    PAY_SECURITY_PAYROLLS List of payrolls and security profile access rules.
    PAY_INPUT_VALUES_F Input value definitions for specific elements.

    BOM – Bills Of Material

    Table Name Description
    BOM_DEPARTMENTS Departments
    BOM_DEPARTMENT_CLASSES Department classes
    BOM_DEPARTMENT_RESOURCES Resources associated with departments
    BOM_OPERATION_NETWORKS Routing operation networks
    BOM_OPERATION_RESOURCES Resources on operations
    BOM_OPERATION_SEQUENCES Routing operations
    BOM_RESOURCES Resources, overheads, material cost codes, and material overheads
    BOM_STANDARD_OPERATIONS Standard operations
    BOM_ALTERNATE_DESIGNATORS Alternate designators
    BOM_COMPONENTS_B Bill of material components
    BOM_STRUCTURES_B Bills of material
    BOM_STRUCTURE_TYPES_B Structure Type master table

    WIP – Work in Process

    Table Name Description
    WIP_DISCRETE_JOBS Discrete jobs
    WIP_ENTITIES Information common to jobs and schedules
    WIP_LINES Production lines
    WIP_MOVE_TRANSACTIONS Shop floor move transactions
    WIP_MOVE_TXN_ALLOCATIONS Move transaction allocations for repetitive schedules
    WIP_OPERATIONS Operations necessary for jobs and schedules
    WIP_OPERATION_NETWORKS Operation dependency
    WIP_OPERATION_OVERHEADS Overheads for operations in an average costing organization
    WIP_OPERATION_RESOURCES Resources necessary for operations
    WIP_OPERATION_YIELDS This table keeps all costing information for operation yield costing.
    WIP_TRANSACTIONS WIP resource transactions
    WIP_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS Debits and credits due to resource transactions

    FND – Appication Object Library

    Table Name Description
    FND_APPLICATION Applications registered with Oracle Application Object Library
    FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS Concurrent programs
    FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS Concurrent requests information
    FND_CURRENCIES Currencies enabled for use at your site
    FND_DATA_GROUPS Data groups registered with Oracle Application Object Library
    FND_FLEX_VALUES Valid values for flexfield segments
    FND_FLEX_VALUE_HIERARCHIES Child value ranges for key flexfield segment values
    FND_FLEX_VALUE_SETS Value sets used by both key and descriptive flexfields
    FND_FORM Application forms registered with Oracle Application Object Library
    FND_FORM_FUNCTIONS Functionality groupings
    FND_ID_FLEXS Registration information about key flexfields
    FND_ID_FLEX_SEGMENTS Key flexfield segments setup information and correspondences between table columns and key flexfield segments
    FND_ID_FLEX_STRUCTURES Key flexfield structure information
    FND_LOOKUP_TYPES Oracle Application Object Library QuickCodes
    FND_LOOKUP_VALUES QuickCode values
    FND_MENUS New menu tabl for Release 10SC
    FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS User profile options
    FND_PROFILE_OPTION_VALUES Values of user profile options defined at different profile levels
    FND_REQUEST_SETS Reports sets
    FND_REQUEST_SET_PROGRAMS Reports within report sets
    FND_REQUEST_SET_STAGES Stores request set stages
    FND_RESPONSIBILITY Responsibilities
    FND_RESP_FUNCTIONS Function Security
    FND_USER Application users

    JA - Asia/Pacific Localizations

    Table Name Description
    JAI_CMN_BOE_HDRS Stores BOE header info when a BOE Invoice is created through IL
    JAI_CMN_BOE_DTLS Detail table for BOE Invoices
    JAI_CMN_TAXES_ALL Master table for Localization Taxes
    JAI_CMN_TAX_CTGS_ALL Stores tax categories and their link to excise ITEM classes.
    JAI_CMN_TAX_CTG_LINES Stores the tax lines for defined tax categories
    JAI_CMN_VENDOR_SITES Stores excise account related information about vendors.
    JAI_RGM_DEFINITIONS Stores regime information.
    JAI_RGM_TAXES This table stores tax details for transactions having TCS tax type.
    JAI_CMN_RG_23AC_I_TRXS Stores Information of RG23A/C records and known as Quantity Register.
    JAI_CMN_RG_23AC_II_TRXS Stores Information of RG23A/C Part II Details. Also known as Amount Register
    JAI_CMN_RG_23D_TRXS Quantity register for Trading Organizations
    JAI_CMN_RG_BALANCES Store the current balances of RG23A, RG23C and PLA Registers
    JAI_CMN_RG_PLA_TRXS Stores the Transaction Information of PLA Register.
    JAI_CMN_RG_PLA_HDRS Stores PLA header Infomation when a PLA invoice is created in AP module
    JAI_CMN_RG_PLA_DTLS Stores PLA Detail Information when a PLA Invoice is created in AP Module

    QP – Advanced Pricing

    Table Name Description
    QP_LIST_HEADERS_B QP_LIST_HEADERS_B stores the header information for all lists. List types can be, for example, Price Lists, Discount Lists or Promotions.
    QP_LIST_LINES QP_LIST_LINES stores all list lines for lists in QP_LIST_HEADERS_B.
    QP_PRICE_FORMULAS_B QP_PRICE_FORMULAS_B stores the pricing formula header information.
    QP_PRICE_FORMULA_LINES QP_PRICE_FORMULA_LINES stores each component that makes up the formula.
    QP_PRICING_ATTRIBUTES QP_PRICING_ATTRIBUTES stores product information and pricing attributes.
    QP_QUALIFIERS QP_QUALIFIERS stores qualifier attribute information.

    XLA - Subledger Accounting

    Table Name Description
    XLA_EVENTS The XLA_EVENTS table record all information related to a specific event. This table is created as a type XLA_ARRAY_EVENT_TYPE.
    XLA_TRANSACTION_ENTITIES The table XLA_ENTITIES contains information about sub-ledger document or transactions.
    XLA_AE_HEADERS The XLA_AE_HEADERS table stores subledger journal entries. There is a one-to-many relationship between accounting events and journal entry headers.
    XLA_AE_LINES The XLA_AE_LINES table stores the subledger journal entry lines. There is a one-to-many relationship between subledger journal entry headers and subledger journal entry lines.
    XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS The XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table stores the link between transactions and subledger journal entry lines.
    XLA_ACCOUNTING_ERRORS The XLA_ACCOUNTING_ERRORS table stores the errors encountered during execution of the Accounting Program.
    XLA_ACCTG_METHODS_B The XLA_ACCTG_METHODS_B table stores Subledger Accounting Methods (SLAM) across products. SLAMs provided by development are not chart of accounts specific. Enabled SLAMs are assigned to ledgers.
    XLA_EVENT_TYPES_B The XLA_EVENT_TYPES_B table stores all event types that belong to an event class.
    XLA_GL_LEDGERS This table contains ledger information used by subledger accounting.
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