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hr locations - multiple locations with same physical address (added by Purchasing)

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by rgthomas0307, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Hello. I've been told that hr controls the locations and there should be 1 location for each physical office. Purchasing already started on the implementation project and has created several locations. Some buildings have 10 locations - same address but different receiver and/or department. For example:

    Locations - Purchasing Entered
    John Butler - 123 Tiger Lane Oakland, CA
    IT Support - 123 Tiger Lane Oakland, CA
    ESS - 123 Tiger Lane Oakland, CA

    Location - HR
    123 Tiger Lane Oakland, CA

    So we have a many to 1 relationship.

    Now that we are putting in HR, purchasing has said we can't touch the addresses/locations they are about to implement. Instead, they asked hr to prefix all hr locations with hr_.

    I'm concerned about this and don't want locations accidentally being selected during employee transactions. I don't think Purchasing is doing this correctly but I need some facts on why they have to change this. I initially said whatever is being ordered should have some business rules to route this to John Butler or ESS Support.

    Could this impact another down-stream or year-end process? Is it okay to let Purchasing create these "locations"??