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How to use Tokens using stellent ??????

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by yaznesh, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. yaznesh

    yaznesh Forum Advisor

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    Hi all ,

    any body please respond for below mentioned issue,

    using stellent content server , i have created criteria workflow. i added steps to this workflow .and i have added users for Review the content.

    using users in steps are working fine, But while using Token.instead of users. its getting error. it is going to specified user as token and did not go to the another step review by approves or Rejects (actions popup). its unable to go to next step.
    2) i would like to know, how to use tokens using user attributes in the user admin??

    anybody, please let me know for this issue. its urgent requirement for project.
    plz help me out....awaiting for your quick response.

  2. markH

    markH Forum Advisor

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    hi yaznesh. There is a function called getUserValue() which basically returns the value of a particular column for the current user from the users table. So for example, if your username is yaznesh and you have defined a user attribute called Manager where you store your manager's username. Then if you do getUserValue("uManager") it will return your manager.

    So now if in your token you want that when you upload a document it should go to your manager for approval you will basically use
    Code (Text):

    <$wfAddUser(getUserValue("uManager"), "user")$>
    This is a simple example but you can built on it.