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how to unlock the GL open/close Periods..Lock established during simultaneous requsts

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by naresh5430, May 7, 2014.

  1. naresh5430

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    This is occurred while submitting simultaneous conc.requests to open the period.How go get rid of this lock?

    gllock() 08-MAY-2014 12:20:51
    SHRD0118: Updated 1 record(s) in table: GL_CONCURRENCY_CONTROL
    SHRD0181: glooap - Lock Name = GL_OPEN_POST_1

    >> gludlk() 08-MAY-2014 12:20:51

    << gludlk() 08-MAY-2014 12:20:51

    << gllock() 08-MAY-2014 12:20:51
    SHRD0180: gltmai - Performing action >> Placed EXCL_MODE lock...

    >> glopcs() 08-MAY-2014 12:20:51
    OOAP0010: Please define Calendar Periods before opening them.