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How to Remove a Paid Invoice from the 1099 Amount

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by jenandlaw, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. jenandlaw

    jenandlaw Guest

    We just went to Oracle in the last few months, so we are still working the bugs out. Our purchasing department sets up vendors, and they have decided that for contractors to whom we pay both service fees and expense reimbursements, two separate Supplier accounts are required. So for instance, when John Doe sends us an invoice for $1,000 for service fees and $683.54 in expense reimbursements, an invoice will be entered under the Supplier of "John Doe" for $1,000 and a separate invoice will be entered under the Supplier "John Doe - Expenses" for $683.54. His 1099 will total $1,000.

    Here's the issue. One of our AP clerks accidentally entered the portion for expenses under the service fees Supplier number, so the 1099 at the end of the year is going to include the service fees AND the expenses. I know and understand that he could get the 1099 and use it just as well since on his own tax return he'll be deducting the expenses, but the powers that be want us to correct this in AP by voiding the already cleared and reconciled check (requiring us to un-reconcile the payment), reentering the invoice under the correct supplier, and posting a manual wire payment that we won't actually send out.

    I would rather explore entering a credit memo on the fees supplier number and then figuring out a way to manually "pay" the credit memo, offsetting the same GL accounts. However, I am sure that this has come up before many times, and had hoped that someone might have a better idea. Please help.