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How to install Siebel 8 Server on Windows Vista

Discussion in 'PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Primavera' started by aanujverma, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. aanujverma

    aanujverma Guest

    Hi Julian,

    How to install Siebel 8 server on Windows Vista??
  2. Julian

    Julian Forum Advisor

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    hi, i have not really installed siebel on a windows box but in general the instructions are as:

    Create the Siebel database instance and install the Web server with the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE).The Siebel Enterprise Server components to install include :

    • Siebel Gateway Name Server,
    • Siebel Server,
    • Database Configuration Utilities, and
    • EAI Connector.
    You should use the Siebel Enterprise Server installer and the SWSE installer to install these products. After installation, Configuration Wizards launch automatically so you can configure the components you installed.

    You can also cancel configuration and perform the Configuration Wizard tasks later. First configure the Siebel Gateway Name Server, then the Siebel Enterprise, then the SWSE logical profile. (You configure the physical SWSE after SWSE installation.)

    If you do not have a Siebel Database, you launch the Database Configuration Wizard and perform the task to install the Siebel Database into the database instance. Do this before you configure the Siebel Server—cancel the Siebel Server Configuration Wizard after it launches automatically.

    After installing the Siebel Database, launch the wizard to configure the Siebel Server.

    Alternatively, on Microsoft Windows only, you can use the FastTrack Wizard to perform initial installation and configuration tasks for Siebel Business Applications components (Siebel Enterprise Server and SWSE).

    These instructions are from the Siebel installation documentation which you can find here and here for the FastTrack Wizard instructions.
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