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how to do formatting in table in OAF

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by Jennygomez, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Jennygomez

    Jennygomez Guest

    I have created a table in that i have put various messageStyleText.
    I have 3 fields that display number as follows for example
    I want to give formatting to this VARCHAR2 data type field in jdev. how can i do that?? format should be like this for example 12,345.56

    pls help


  2. ac.arijit

    ac.arijit Forum Advisor

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    Kolkata, India
    Hi Jenny,

    As u said messageStyledText that means this is for display purpose. So you'll have to programmatically cast the format in the controller (remember, this is java) ... you gotta make use of the float here.

    But where in this picture does VARCHAR2 fit in? Coz u mentioned 3 number display fields :confused: