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How to display dynamic columns on grid after button click.

Discussion in 'Oracle Application Express (APEX)' started by mohinijadhav, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. mohinijadhav

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    Hi team,

    I want to generate a weekly report showing weeks as a column header in apex.
    Ex.- I have two items Start Date and End Date and one show Button.
    I want to display a weekly report for current month such as week1, week2, week3, etc

    create table emp(empid number, empname varchar2(30), startdate date, enddate date, engagementpercent number);

    insert into emp values(1,"Tom", "01/03/2017", "30/12/2017", 10);

    insert into emp values(2,"Tommy", "01/03/2017", "30/06/2017", 10);

    insert into emp(3,"Jack", "19/03/2017", "30/06/2017", 10);

    If I put Start Date - 01/06/2017 and End Date - 30/06/2017 and then click Show button.

    It should call a procedure which will give me a report by week on summing up the engagementpercent.

    EmpName week1, week2, week3, week4
    Tom 10 10 10 10
    Tommy 10 10 10 10

    Please help me in this As I am struggling with both UI as well as backend process could not able to make it.

    Thanks in advance.