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How to delete withholding tax from invoice?

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by yingsras, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. yingsras

    yingsras Forum Advisor

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    Hi All,

    I have a supplier which enable "Allow Withholding Tax". Then I created PO and going to match invoice.
    But I realized that this supplier should not apply the withholding tax. So I disable the "Allow Withholding Tax" for this supplier.
    Then I matched invoice with this PO but the Withholding Tax Code still default at invoice line on Payment Withholding Tax Group field.
    This invoice is validated but haven't made payment yet and I couldn't delete withholding tax as the Payment Withholding Tax Groupd field is unable to update.
    How can I delete the withholding and make sure that the withholding tax will not apply to this invoice after make payment?

    I examine the value on this form and I see there are the value at PAY_AWT_GROUP_ID and PAY_AWT_GROUP_NAME.
    I'm not sure if I delete the value on these fields it will be enough for deleting withholding value and it will not apply after make payment.
    Can you please advise?

  2. Bharat

    Bharat Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Vijayawada, India
    Hi Ying,

    It won't apply withholding tax to the invoice. Once we remove the withholding tax setup to the supplier it wont affect any more.
    Once we validate we are able to see the withheld amount in header level as well as in general tab. But after removing the withholding tax option for supplier then we dont need get applied with Withheld Amount to the Invoice. I hope we can proceed with Payments for this Invoice.