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How to create or modify the Budget Periods

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by tomloera, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. tomloera

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    Monterrey Mexico
    Hello Friends;

    I need your help

    I need upload the Budget for 2012 year but have the next error:

    In my period budget for 2011 I grayed out the Open Next Year Butom and AutoCopy Butom

    I define a new budget period and try to upload the budget but send error of not found the ENE-12 period, I dont know if need one steap more for define correctly the new budget period

    I upload document with the screen shoots of the old budget period, the new budget period and the error when I try to upload the budget

    Thanks a lot by your help

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  2. kal.navin

    kal.navin Guest

    hi one thing is budgets don't have debits and credits only debits other some values i can see with like -176,while uploading it doesn't accept with - sign