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how to create interface for sales order can any one help me

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by mcenroeij, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. mcenroeij

    mcenroeij Guest

    how to create interface for sales order can any one help me

    below is the description of job to be done

    Interfaces and Conversions in Oracle Applications
    Oracle provides flexible and flexible tools in the form of Interface programs to import the master and transactional data like Customers, Invoices, and Sales Orders etc from external systems into Oracle Applications. This article briefs you about some of the major interface programs.
    Conversion/Interface Strategy:
    1. Data Mapping
    During the data mapping process, list of all the data sets and data elements that will need to be moved into the Oracle tables as part of conversion are identified. Data mapping tables are prepared as part of this activity that show what are the data elements that are needed by the target system to meet the business requirements and from where they will be extracted in the old system.
    2. Download Programs
    After the conversion data mapping is complete, download programs are developed that are used to extract the identified conversion data elements from the current systems in the form of an ASCII flat file. The structure of the flat file must match the structure of the Oracle standard interface tables. These flat files generated may be in text form or a comma or space delimited, variable or fixed format data file.
    3. Upload Program
    Once the data has been extracted to a flat file, it is then moved to the target file system and the data from the file is loaded into user defined staging tables in the target database using SQL Loader or UTL_FILE utilities. Then programs are written and run which validate the data in the staging tables and insert the same into the Oracle provided standard Interface tables.
    4. Interface Program
    Once the interface tables are populated, the respective interface program (each data element interface has a specific interface program to run) is submitted. The interface programs validate the data, derive and assign the default values and ultimately populate the production base tables.
    Interface/Conversion examples with details:
    The below list of interfaces/conversions are covered in this section. Details like pre-requisites required, interface tables, interface program, base tables, validations that need to be performed after inserting the details into the interface tables and required columns that need to be populated in the interface table are discussed for each interface.
    • Order Import Interface (Sales Order Conversion)
    • Item import (Item conversion)
    • Inventory On-hand quantity Interface
    • Customer conversion
    • Auto Invoice Interface
    • AR Receipts
    • Lockbox Interface
    • AP Invoices
    • Vendor
    • Purchase Orders
    • Requisition
    • Receiving
    • Journal import
    • Budget import
    • Daily Conversion Rates
     Order Import Interface (Sales Order Conversion)
    Order Import enables you to import Sales Orders into Oracle Applications instead of manually entering them.
    Order Type
    Line Type
    Ship Method/ Freight Carrier
    Sales Person
    Sales Territories
    Customer Order Holds
    Sub Inventory/ Locations
    On hand Quantity
  2. koteswararao

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    1) Fist create the loader file to loading staging data
    2) create a package check control validation like total count mentioned matching with line count
    3) check for system validation
    4) insert the data into interfce tables (OE_HEADERS_IFACE_ALL,OE_LINES_IFACE_ALL)
    5) incase of any errors check oe_processing_msgs_vl
  3. yowancristo

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    Below mentioned API can also be used to Create as well as Book Sales Orders (without Interface tables and Import Programs).


    Yowan Cristo