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How to Convert from Oracle Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by orafan, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. orafan

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    Recently I needed to change a standard edition database to Enterprise Edition. Here are the steps I followed from documentation

    Since the same "SQL.BSQ" script is used to create the database for each version, the databases are internally almost identical. The conversion process is therefore not very complicated.

    The following steps need to be taken to convert your SE database to an EE:

    1. Backup the database
    2. De-install the SE software
    3. Install the EE software (optionally on Unix in a new ORACLE_HOME)
    4. If you have an existing database, point your ORACLE_SID to this pre-existing database
    5. Startup the database
    6. Run the "catalog.sql" and "catproc.sql" scripts, as usual.
    Your database is now using the Enterprise Edition (EE) version of the software.

    Ensure that the release number of your Standard Edition server software is the same release as the Enterprise Edition server software.

    For example, if Standard Edition server software is release, then you have to use release of the Enterprise Edition.

    For the subsequent patch set levels, it may be better to replace point number 5 & 6 with the following points
    5. Startup the database in migrate/upgrade mode
    6. Run the catupgrd.sql script of the current patch set level​
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    Thanks.. i will definately try it