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How to Connect form 6i with Oracle 11g r2

Discussion in 'General' started by sabqat, May 29, 2011.



  1. Form 6i and Oracle 11 Gr2 possible

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  2. if no then which version of Form Developer must be use with Oracle 11G R2

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  1. sabqat

    sabqat Guest

    Dear Friend,
    i am Facing problem of connecting Form 6i With Oracle 11G R2.
    Although i also have Patch 17 but when i am trying to connect system hangup.
    I Have Laptop with Win 7 Professional 64 Bit.
    I am Also Not be able to Connect through Toad.

    Only i can connect by SQL Plus.
    Also SQL Plus is also DOS based not same like what i used in 8i,9i, 10 G.

    Any can reply and resolved my Problem.

    Thanks in Advance ,