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how to avoid errors and improve portability of sql scripts

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by janripke, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. janripke

    janripke Guest

    As a software engineer, i design Oracle database using PL/SQL.
    In order to maintain the PL/SQL code, i store them in sql scripts. To get them installed in the Oracle database installation scripts are used. I find this time consuming and you make mistakes very often. Finally every engineer has his own way of doing things. This makes it difficult to work with and narrows your scope. And there are engineers who work with under Windows and others under Linux. This requires the creation of batch files under Windows, and the creation of shell scripts under Linux, Arrrgh.

    There must be a simple way to solve this, so i thought. Python runs on almost every platform, this solves the creation platform dependend scripts. The next thing was a uniform folder structure. Tables, constraints, triggers, packages, etc are stored in seperate folders. Other engineers can now jump in at any time. Finally you do not need to create installation scripts for your Oracle scripts. This speeds up things and you make less errors.

    The tool which implements this is on sourceforge and is called NoOra.