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How and what do i need to implement oracle payroll for south african(za) legislature?

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by kneayea, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. kneayea

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    Hello, please who can help me with the step by step procedure to implement for South African payroll.My past implementations have been on International HRMS. Now am stuck at the ACB Installation ID Code (ZA ACB Installation Inf) as i cant create a payroll without initially setting this up. Please advise the necessary steps i need which is different from international HRMS setup.
  2. tibrahim

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    Business Groups: Entering ACB Installation Information
    You must enter ACB details for an organization before you can run the ACB process and make ACB payments to your employees.

    [​IMG] To enter ACB installation information:
    • 1. In the Organization window, query the business group if it does not already appear there. In the Organizations Classifications region, select Business Group, choose the Others button and select ZA ACB Installation Inf.
    • 2. Click in the Additional Organization Information window to display the ZA ACB Installation Inf window.
    • 3. Enter the organization's ACB information:
      • Enter the ACB Installation ID Code.
      • If the organization is registered as a Single/In-house user at ACB, this code is the same as the ACB User Code. Bureaus use a different code.
      • Select the ACB user type. Single users submit their own ACB file directly. Select Bureau to indicate that a third-party will submit the ACB file on behalf of the employer.
    Note: If you change the user type from Bureau to Single, the installation and user generation numbers are reset to 0001. If you change the user type from Single to Bureau, the installation and user generation numbers increment from the last generation number used. If you are selecting the ACB user type for the first time, these numbers start at 0001 and increment with each ACB file submission.

    • 4. Save your work.