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Hiring Freeze Oracle Application Labs Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Interview Discussions' started by Vikyvik, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Vikyvik

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    Hi, I was interviewed for the post of "IT consultant" in oracle application labs Hyderabad on 17th of June. The interview was in 2 steps telephonic leading to a Skype interview then the HR asked me to send the pay slips .After few weeks I got the reply like “I have cleared the interview process but the hiring has been freeze so they'll call me after 2 months (approx.)” and last week I got like” it may take some more time”..

    MY question is that “is it good to wait for the offer or should I move on”..
  2. dipeshbhakat

    dipeshbhakat Guest

    I was interviewed for the same position on 6th December 2014 and got the verbal offer.3 days later I got a mail from HR to submit the pay slips.Then one week later got a mail that currently they are in the stage of salary fitment for my candidature but due to unavailability of one of their compensations and benefits members it is being delayed.Still no communication from them. Is delay in getting the offer letter from Oracle normal ?