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Help with a query for a homework assignment

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by Xerxes, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Xerxes

    Xerxes Guest

    I have part of the query working, but we also need to include results that do not have data in that table and column.

    "Be sure to return employees that do not have a manager listed."

    I can return a list of the employees with a manager, but can't get the names to appear of those that do not have a manager.

    Basically, it needs to look like this:

    EmpFirstName EmpLastName Manager
    Test Test Manager1
    Test2 Test2 Manager2
    Test3 Test3 null

    How do I get it to show a null value?
  2. rajavu

    rajavu Forum Guru

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    @ Bangalore , India
    1. We cant give you the query for a home work. But we can guid you.
    2. Provide us the create table script and insert script (test data)
    3. Provide us the query what you tried so far. We will definitely guide you after that.

    Anyway This link may help you. Provide the query in the forum even this post helped you, so that it will be helpful for other members facing the same issue.
  3. zargon

    zargon Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Aurora, CO
    Hopefully your instructor has covered outer joins.