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Help about pl/sql program

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by nikolas, Feb 3, 2015.

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    I have to write a pl / SQL program. I am a beginner and I do not know where to start to write this type of program. I have never written a sql program. I had to use the tables for the school table because if a school is added, it must be dynamic.

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    Write a program that performs this phase of pre-admission. Efforts will be made in the writing of this program to reduce to the minimum necessary access to tables.
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    Consider a common entrance examination has several schools; these schools are listed in a school table (idE number (3) nameSchool varchar2 (50) nbPlace number (5)) in which is the number of places put out to tender.
    Candidates for this competition are agencies listed in a candidate table (idc number (6), name varchar2 (30), first name varchar2 (30), row number (5)). It is in this table that is set after the correction of tests, the priority of any candidate in the general classification; Considering that there is not a tie!
    Each candidate formulates its priorities in case of any admission, he indicates in what order he places the various schools under this competition. It classifies all; there are so many vows to Schools for each candidate. These vows are listed in the greeting table (idc number (6) ide number (3) number number (3))
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    A first phase of treatment called "pre-admission" is a pre admit candidates to a school according to their wishes and in the order of merit. Obviously, one has to respect the carrying capacity of the different schools. These pre-admissions will be stored in a preadmin table (idc, ide, rank, number Vows).
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