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Hello Everybody

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by docora, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. docora

    docora Active Member

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    My short introduction as newbie for this site, I am working as Oracle DBA in wellknown company and providing remote dba support to various global clients. I am keen to learn everything in Oracle and other databases too. I hope this forums helps me lots. Appreciate to everybody who are sharing knowledge here.

    Thanks and regards,
  2. Bharat

    Bharat Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Vijayawada, India
    Hi Rajiv,

    Welcome to Club-Oracle!!
  3. nkem404

    nkem404 Guest

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and I am looking to take the oca exam and need some assistance from the gurus on this site.

    I would like recommendation on the best books to use, past questions if available and if there is anyone who is also preparing to take the exam anytime soon, we can work on tasks together.

    Also, if there are people who are willing to mentor others I won't mind that too.

    I would like to get feedback from anyone who can help.
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    You can send me information directly to my email address which is