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GL to Inventory Mapping Issue

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by RIAZ, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. RIAZ

    RIAZ Forum Advisor

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    hi all,

    I am trying to route from GL to Inventory module (i want to trace all the alias transactions).

    I got GL_SL_LINK_TABLE and GL_SL_LINK_ID in GL_JE_LINES but facing following issues

    1- In GL_SL_LINK_TABLE i found CSTECL but don't know what exactly the table name.

    2- I randomly found a table CST_AE_LINES that also have GL_SL_LINK_ID but when i try to join GL_JE_LINES & CST_AE_LINES by using GL_SL_LINK_ID i got held in TOAD :(,

    please suggest me what is the correct way for GL to Inventory mapping??
  2. apps_expert

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    Chennai, India
    Hi Riaz

    I assume you are on 11i (because since R12 a lot of changes have happened due to SLA)

    Why don't you use the view XLA_INV_AEL_GL_V. This view actually uses the CST_AEL_GL_INV_V whose script will tell you of all the joins.

    Hope this helps.