Give and Take! and Making the Club a Symbiotic Experience!

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    When you need any info:

    First search the Club. It is quite likely that the information already exists on the forum.

    Next step would be to post to the Original posters any doubts or queries you might have in respect of the information you found from the search.

    If you do not get a response or the information requested is urgent you can always post afresh.

    This approach is a win win for all;

    1. Forum will not be cluttered with repeat information.

    2.It gives the requestor an opportunity to develop networking skills and facilitates information exchange

    3.Admin tasks are serious , time consuming and thankless. If users use the club with proper discretion, you also help the admins and others here to save valuable time and help you better.

    Last but not least:

    Knowledge is meant to be shared. Any material or software which you have and have used is of no use lying in a cd or desk. You can take care to ensure that no copyright laws are violated, you can share knowledge (you are not selling anything for money) you can make the place a ''Knowledge curve'' an experience where everyone benefits.

    Also bear in mind technology changes quickly. Do not hesitate to share what you have . Delay is of no use to anybody. R12 will become R13 in no time. Let everyone benefit by making sure that what you share is relevant.

    NOTE: Interesting articles from Metalink have been shared here. Its not meant for those that have access. For each one that has access there are 10s who dont have that access. Please bear this in mind.

    Happy Sharing!

    PS: Thanks to Sadik for pointing me to the stuff I was looking for!
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