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Functional consultant role in Supplier data loading in R12

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by rajani.kakarla, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. rajani.kakarla

    rajani.kakarla Active Member

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    what are the steps that functional consultant need to follow when supplier data need to migrate to Oracle financials modules from legacy system.
  2. fin_mate@yahoo.com

    fin_mate@yahoo.com Active Member

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    Hi Rajani,

    Functional consultant has to prepare a FD doc (CV40), which states that steps to be followed for data conversion. Those steps includes:-
    1. Data extraction plan to load data from the legacy Oracle into the Vendor import tables : Here we need to specify the which data has to be migrated (This has to be decided by discussing with business).
    2. File layout to be used for extraction of the data from the source system: What data elements you are converting. The sample data file structure you need to mention
    3. Data extraction strategy:
    4. The data gathered through this document will be used for programmatic conversion into Oracle R12: How the data is going to be converted either by using Interface table OR API
    5. Testing scenario’s and data validation reports to ensure sync between source and target systems once conversion activity is completed: Validations as well as testing of the data that is being converted in the target system.

    You need to draft out the pre requisites needed for the conversion like:
    a. Conversion of Employees and GL code combinations
    b. Steps like:-
    • Operating Units
    • Minority Group Lookups
    • Distribution Sets
    • Payment Terms
    • Pay Groups
    • Supplier Types
    • Supplier Classification

    Conversion strategy like:
    The extract program should only extract:
    • Active Vendors records
    • Active Employee records
    • Active Contact Records
    • If a vendor Header has no active sites, do not extract the vendor header
    • If a vendor or vendor site has inactive bank accounts - do not extract bank account
    • If a vendor site has inactive contact information - do not extract contact
    • Do not extract any vendor site records if vendor header is inactive

    Mapping of your source system data field to Interface/API field

    Run the “Suppliers Report” to check vendor data against source system data

    Let me know if you need additional info..
  3. Aanchal

    Aanchal Premium Member

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    New Mexico,US

    Could you please provide more information/scenarios to be tested after data conversion has been completed to make sure source and target system matches.