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function question in 1z0-144 dmp file - waiting for u answers

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by YaHi@$MmZ, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. YaHi@$MmZ

    YaHi@$MmZ Guest

    Please answer my question;
    thanks in advance

    create or replace function del_rows
    (p_table_name varchar2,p_empNo number)
    Return Number
    Execute immediate
    'Delete from '||p_table_name||
    ' where empno= '||p_empNo;
    Return SQL%RowCount;


    Which 2 statements are correct?

    A) The Function goes through only the parse & execute
    B) The function goes through the parse, bind & execute
    C) The function goes through the parse, bind, execute &
    fetch phases.
    d)All the processing phases for the function are
    performed only at run time.
    e)Only the execute immediate statement inside the
    function is parsed at run time.
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    This appears to be test preparation material and the answers are given and explained in such packages. What do YOU consider the correct response? Since you apparently have not attempted to answer this one please do so and post your choice. From there we can assist you.