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Forms trigger in Oracle 10g

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by megha2525, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Hi All ,

    I have an issue with the oracle forms trigger. This is the scenario. The form is a query only form . A user can only query on this form . No update or insert is allowed.

    The base table say TABLE1 consists of these fields. 1) pro id, pro item, empno , fname, lname, deptno .
    The user can query on all items except the fname and lname.
    The issue is few records in the TABLE1 have null values for the empno.
    When the user queries on proid, pro item , empno or deptno - when the empno on TABLE1 is not NULL , the fname and lname should be fetched from a different table say TABLE2.
    otherwise, if the empno on TABLE1 is null , the fname and lname from the same table i.e, TABLE1 are retrieved.
    I have tried with the post change trigger on empno . But it doesnt work .
    Please let me know what is the appropriate trigger that must be used.

    Thanks in advance