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Forms personalization passing old and new value of same filed to procedure

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by asaraf, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Hi team,


    v_field_value VARCHAR2(200) ;


    cust_pkg.main('''||${item.order.party_site_id.database_value}||''','''|| ${item.order.party_site_id.value}||''' );


    In sales order form there is one child form/LOV for customer ship to location.
    we are trying open the customer ship to location and edit the address and creating a new site there.
    thus a newly created site needs to have all the same contact and other info of earlier existing site.
    here we are calling a pl/sql procedure to update the new site info with the existing site info.
    while passing parameters database_value and value are not working .

    kindly suggest how can we pass old and new values of same filed in forms personalization.
    we tried with global variable but global variable is getting reset once the child form closed and then both the old and new becoming same.

    your timely help is much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,