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Formatting all over page in PDF view

Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by Stina, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Stina

    Stina Guest

    We are testing an upgrade to software and have discovered that when an rdf file is viewed as a pdf in our test system the frames and fields are all over the page. The test system has been upgraded to IE10 and Java 7. When this is viewed in our existing environment, IE8 and Java 6, it is fine. My developer suite is 10g and Adobe Reader is XI. Does anyone know of any compatibility issues here? Thank you.
  2. DTSIGuy

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    There is a LOT of missing info in this question. What is the O/S in question? Are the changes on your test system limited to only the browser and java version? Have you proven that?

    If I had to guess...I'd recommend checking your available fonts. Usually folks will make the frames and regions in Oracle Reports expanding so they adjust as necessary. If the font used for development (and thus part of the report) are not on the server then the runtime engine is forced to 'guess' which one to use...with oft surprising results.