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Flex Fileds - Easy Customization

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by sridevi, Mar 20, 2014.

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    Easy Customization

    Flexibility is important. There is no way for you to anticipate all the form and database fields your end users might want, nor how each field should look as end user needs change. Using Key and Descriptive flexfields, you give end users the ability to customize your application to match their business needs, without programming. You should build a flexfield into your application whenever you need a flexfield data structure.

    Customizing a flexfield means specifying the prompt, length and data type of each flexfield segment. It also includes specifying valid values for each segment, and the meaning of each value to your application.

    You or your ed users can even define cross-validation rules to specify valid combinations of segment values. Ordinarily, your end users customize flexfields during application installation. However, you, as a developer, can customize flexfields while you are developing your application. Even if end users never change a flexfield once you have customized it, they can take advantage of useful flexfield features such as automatic segment validation, automatic segment cross-validation, multiple segment structures, and more.