Finding errors and events in weblogic 12c

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    We are monitoring WebLogic server. We also need to monitor errors/ events. But it seems that not all events have been docemented with proper description and error messages.
    These errors and event codes are been listed with short description in following URL:

    For eg.
    Error: Clusters clusterOne and clusterTwo cannot use the same multicast address.
    Clusters clusterOne and clusterTwo cannot use the same multicast address. Please specify different multicast address for each cluster.
    Multiple clusters in the same domain are using the same multicast address.
    For efficiency purposes, it would be better to use two different multicast addresses

    as per given short description above i tried to replicate the issue to get the entire error and its full description form the logs, but no avail.
    Steps followed :
    Gave two clusters same multicast address, yet, the error does not show in the logs, with the desired description along with the error code (BEA-000122).

    Similarly we are looking for the below list of our interested error codes and events.

    BEA-149403, BEA-149404, BEA-149405, BEA-149406, BEA-149407, BEA-149409, BEA-149410, BEA-149411, BEA-149414, BEA-149415, BEA-149416, BEA-149417, BEA-003000, BEA-003001, BEA-003002, BEA-000102, BEA-000104, BEA-000105, BEA-000106, BEA-000107, BEA-000108, BEA-000113, BEA-000114, BEA-000115, BEA-000117, BEA-000118, BEA-000119, BEA-000120, BEA-000121, BEA-000122, BEA-000123, BEA-000124, BEA-000125, BEA-000126, BEA-000127, BEA-000128, BEA-000129, BEA-000137, BEA-2164014, BEA-2192039, BEA-003004

    Has anyone ever encountered these specific errors and events in their environments(PROD and DEV).
    If anyone found, would it be possible to share the exact steps required to generate and have these errors and evnts recorded?